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Student of the Week

from Sullivan University

in Louisville, KY


The Imagine America Foundation is fortunate to annually support thousands of exceptional Career College students through Scholarships for Education. Some students, though, stand out above the rest.
The Imagine America Foundation is pleased to announce our Student of the Week is Eslam Elbeltagy, from Sullivan University in Louisville, KY. Eslam was chosen for his exceptional grades, attendance, and work ethic. Eslam has been awarded the Imagine America Foundation Adult Skills and Education Scholarship along with the Imagine America cash grant, the Adult Excellence Award.
When asking Eslam about his college experience, he told us:

My name is Eslam ElBeltagy, I chose Sullivan University after comparing with other universities for some time, but in the end I decided to attend Sullivan University for these reasons, I found the program which I want, of course I found it in other schools but were not advanced like the one in Sullivan. What I like best about Sullivan University is its staff (instructors and employees) are VERY helpful and friendly, they helped me a lot to be able to take a final decision to go back to school, it was not easy for me to take this decision because I'm a married man and I have a lovely son, work full time job, and I have lots of responsibilities. I chose an Associate of Science in Computer Information Technology because I can see myself in this profession. I work for Geek Squad as an IT technician, that's why I decided to improve myself by choosing CIT degree."
Congratulations Eslam!
For more information about the IAF Student of the Week or any of our award-winning programs, contact Leroy Doubleday at or 571-267-3015.
Robert L. Martin
President and CEO, Imagine America Foundation


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