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  Week In Review

Occupational Overview: Health Sciences
At some point, the health sciences field touches the lives of every American. From birth to hospice care, whether we seek a doctor’s consultation, need a prescription filled or take a day off from work, we all eventually depend on the care or advisement of someone in the health care system. This well-established field, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), is projected to add more than 4 million jobs – more than any other industry between 2012 and 2022. The BLS also projects healthcare to be among the fastest-growing industries in the economy, growing nearly 19 percent through 2016 and adding as many as 5.5 million jobs – more than any other segment of the economy.
A field with this much growth warrants special attention from our sector and, likewise, from Career College Central. Every month, we bring you the latest happenings in Health Sciences so you can stay informed about this booming industry
Career Focus: Nursing
America currently has more than 5.5 million Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Nursing Aids. The national average salary for an RN is $31,300.00. In America there are currently 135,000 positions without Nurses to fill them. In 2020 it is estimated that number will increase to 1 million positions that will need Nurses.

What is in the News- Nursing
9/2/2015-Balancing the Business and the Mission of Healthcare
API Healthcare
Nearly every hospital mission statement begins with a commitment to providing healthcare services and/or promoting health and well-being within the community it serves.

9/2/2015- Why Traveling Nursing Jobs are Booming Again
Travel Nurses are in high demand, thanks to a confluence of positive factors affecting the health care industry. And that means that travel nursing companies and their clinicians are staying busier than ever.

From the Pages of CCC:
Click on this edition of Career College Central to view student success stories and original articles written about a variety of topics including Health Sciences. (5.1.2015)
Click on this edition of Career College Central to view student success stories and original articles written about a variety of topics including Health Sciences. (11.1.2014)
Sector News: 
8/31/2015- College Calculus
The New Yorker
If there is one thing most Americans have been able to agree on over the years, it is that getting an education, particularly a college education, is a key to human betterment and prosperity.
Washington Post
The Education Department has grown into one of the biggest money lenders in the country, overseeing a $1.2 trillion portfolio of student debt rivaling the entire loan business of JPMorgan Chase with a staff roughly the size of the National Weather Service.

Imagine America Foundation News:
8/28/2015- Imagine America Foundation's Student of the Week-
The Imagine America Foundation proudly presents the student of the week, Kassandra Pierce from Brown Mackie College in St. Louis, MO.
Program of Study: Nursing

8/27/2015- Imagine America Foundation School of the Week-
Grantham University Re-enrolls in Imagine America Foundation Scholarship and Award Programs.

8/25/2015- American National University Contributes to 21st Century Workforce Fund-
Every donation to the Imagine America Foundation (IAF) takes us closer to accomplishing our goals. Some contributions, though, move us forward in huge steps.
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