Career College Central Daily Distribution Moving to Weekly Newsletter
Reston, VA- (August 26, 2015)-Beginning September 2, Career College Central's Daily News Email is moving to a weekly delivery format.
Established in 2006 to provide career college owners, operators, managers and friends of the sector, the CCC daily newsfeed has established itself as a trusted source of accurate and reliable information about the career college sector of higher education.
On Wednesday mornings beginning September 2, 2015, you will still receive your free subscription email that allows you to review the most important news stories of the week. But in addition to headlines taken from other media outlets, you will now start receiving original content you can only find in the pages of Career College Central. Our news selections will also be sharpened to focus on content areas that most impact your schools and the experiences of your students and graduates, such as Health Sciences, Mechanical Sciences, Information Technology, Business and the Arts.
Why fill your in-box daily with stories that miss the mark on what's being accomplished today in the career college sector?
Career College Central's Weekly Email will reduce the amount of messages you receive while delivering the news in a format that requires less of your time.
What is the career focus of the "new" CCC weekly newsletter?
  • Health Sciences
  • Mechanical Sciences (including Auto, HVAC, Welding and Aviation)
  • Information Technology
  • Business
  • Arts
What else can we expect?
From the pages of CCC will be a new section of the CCC newsletter where we will showcase the previously published articles that appeared in the pages of Career College Central that are relevant to current topics. Since its creation in 2006, CCC Magazine has created a significant archive of important sector articles, interviews and content that will now serve as meaningful content as CCC moves forward in 2016.
For more information about this announcement and Career College Central, go to or contact Bob Martin at or 571-267-3012



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